How Well Do Wireless Speaker Kits Work in Practice?

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In this article, I am going to take a closer look at wireless speaker kits. These products have been launched within the last decade in order to simplify the set up of home theater speakers in particular rear speakers. Obviously, it is quite a hassle to run speaker wires across your room in order to enjoy surround sound.

Some people have even resorted to using headphones instead of loudspeakers in order to avoid the nasty set up and the resulting speaker cable clutter. However, headphones are not optimal because only a small number of people can enjoy a movie when wearing headphones. However, they do have the advantage of not annoying other people especially when watching movies stated night.

However, when using a rear speaker kit, you will want to make sure that it works okay. Therefore, it is obviously a good idea to be able to test it before you actually buy it. However, only very few manufacturers will allow such a test period. Also, if you do by mail order …

A Look at Loudspeaker Impedance

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Loudspeaker impedance is often mentioned as a specification in most product brochures but many people don’t have a clue about exactly what the specification means. In this post, I’m going to highlight this feature of loudspeakers and explain how impedance affects loudspeaker performance.

Impedance simply put is the ratio describing the relationship between the voltage that is applied across a loudspeaker terminal and the current flow that results. The higher the impedance of a loudspeaker the higher the voltage has to be in order to induce a certain current. Simply put, the impedance can be viewed as a resistance. A resistance is also defined as the ratio between the voltage and current that is flowing through a resistor.

cool speakers which are wireless

However, a loudspeaker behaves differently than an idea resistor. Specifically, the impedance is different depending on the frequency of the signal that stimulates the loudspeaker. Normally, the impedance is measured across a specific frequency band and then a medium values computer. This value is then published. Normally, loudspeaker manufacturers will able to achieve standard values for the impedance. The …

How to Easily Fix Broken Audio Equipment

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You don’t have to have a technical background in order to remedy some common problems related to broken audio equipment. I will give you some pointers that might help you troubleshoot a device that is no longer working. So keep reading. The next three minutes might well turn out to be worth it and save you a bundle by not having to send to equipment to a service center.

Electronics tends to break every once in a while. This is especially true since vendors typically are scrambling to save cost by using cheaper raw materials. That means that the build quality of products which are sold at reasonable prices might not be what you would expect. So don’t be surprised if every once in a while one of your audio devices at home will break down. If you do have warranty on the product then you all set. All you need to do is take the product back to your retailer or send it back to the vendor from which you purchase it from.

However, …

How to Improve the Design of Electronic Products

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This post is not written specifically for designers of consumer electronic products but it very well has some good tips which anybody who has anything to do with the design or development of audio amplifiers and similar products can utilize. I have to admit, I’m not an expert. However, from a consumer standpoint I can offer some valuable tips not only regarding user-friendliness but also regarding the design of electronic products. I have about 20 years of experience using audio gadgets such as amplifiers or wireless products. I have come across many problems products from many different manufacturers. Some companies make products which are easy to use whilst others have figured out a way to force the consumer to attend class before being able to use a specific product.

From a consumer standpoint, ease of use is probably more important than having all the latest bells and whistles. Obviously, performance is also important. So let’s start by talking about user-friendliness. The product should be smart enough to adapt itself to user rather than use …